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This site contains partner affiliation links. When a purchase is made through one of these affiliate links I will receive a small commission (at no additional expense for you). I partner with companies that offer products and services that I personally use and benefit from in my business. 
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Are you are looking for information about how to start, create, and grow a successful Affiliate Marketing Business of your own.  Let me introduce you to resources that will get you started on the right path to success.  Take a look around my website and come back often to see what’s new. Each month I will be posting a feature review on a product or program of use to Affiliate Marketing.  Watch for new training videos that I will be posting on various topics related to building an online business.

I have been where you are right now, trying to decide where to start. Just consider how much information there is on the internet about this subject. It is often very intimidating and frustrating trying to figure out what your first step should be. Let alone how time-consuming it can be to sift through all of the information, the thoughts of which can be overwhelming. As a result, it can be a difficult endeavor as you try to find the right affiliate program.

The big question I asked myself was where can I find a program that is legit and affordable. I understand how you feel as I experienced these same concerns while doing my research when building my own business.


I started the Affiliate Marketing Home Business website because starting your own affiliate marketing business should be a fun and exciting adventure. On this website, you will find many resources that will be of help to you in starting your business and leveraging your time. To start with, you will find product and program reviews, how-to articles, top 10 lists, and some free-to-use resources. The resources that you find on this website are ones that I personally use in building my own business.  I hope you find them as valuable and useful as I do.


 Wealthy Affiliate University is my number 1 pick as my go to resource.  It is an all in one membership website that is used by more than 2.3 million people to build their business.  Wealthy Affiliate provides awesome training in 2 courses ( Affiliate Bootcamp and Online Entrepreneur Certification).  The membership gives you access to over 1000 training modules on various subjects to help grow your business. There are expert training clases on subjects related to managing your wordpress websites.  Last but not least, you can host your own websites, build your own websites, and buy domains right from within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Understanding SEO can be complicated and Wealthy Affiliate teaches it in simple, easy to understand terms. 

When you follow Wealthy Affiliate’s training you see results and experience success quickly.  Their training has your websites Google indexed in a matter of days. Best of all, the training is fun and the people within the WA community are very helpful.



Affiliate Marketing is indeed a very lucrative way to make money from home.  All I can say is this, it has been worth all the time, effort and money that I invested in building my own affiliate marketing business.  If you choose to build an affiliate marketing business, you are about to embark on the fun and exciting journey. So enjoy the journey and above all have fun learning.  I wish you all the success along the way. 

Your friend from Affiliate Marketing Home Business.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to My Affiliate Marketing Home Business Website”

  1. Great introduction video. Affiliate marketing seems to be a big topic theses days. How do you compete with other affiliate marketers that are more established?

    • Hi Mark. That is a great question that I am sure everyone starting out asks themselves. My answer to you might seem strange. I don’t worry about trying to compete with established marketers. There are several reasons for my viewpoint on this question.

      The first reason is that we all have our own way of learning something, applying what we learn and in turn explaining or teaching what we have learned. So with that in mind when we are writing content for our website what we write and how we write it won’t appeal to everyone. But it will appeal to those that are similar to us in communication styles and learning styles. These are the ones that will relate to what we put in our articles and eventually be affected by what we write.

      I don’t look at marketers that promote the get rich quick, look at what I have (fancy car and big house) as an example to follow, as I feel they do not represent this business in an honest, realistic manner and take advantage of people. With that said the next reason I don’t worry about competing is I look at the more established marketers as models to follow. For example, I look at what they are writing about as these are obviously things that people are searching for answers to. So I will be writing articles that answer those same issues or questions etc. and I will make sure that what I write is unique to me. I always run it through a plagiarism checker to make sure it is unique content before I submit the article. Google looks for that and those kinds of articles rank very well. I use the free tools found on the http://www.smallseotools.com website to check grammar, spelling, and plagiarism. Once I have answered the question or issue in my writing style and learning style there will be someone with a similar learning style to mine that will be able to relate to what I wrote. So I just concentrate on writing unique content addressing the same questions that the more established websites are answering. So once my website starts to generate traffic I will have content that resonates with someone that has a style similar to mine.

      Also, when I visit websites I ask myself what annoys about a website and what motivates me to take action or feel good about visiting that website. I know there will be others that react the same way as me, so I am trying to build my website with that in mind as it will also eventually appeal to someone else.

      For now, I am just trying to apply the wonderful training from Wealthy Affiliate and maintain my determination to keep working hard on my website and being patient as anything worthwhile takes time and hard work. If I do these things I am confident that I will build a successful business. I applied these same principles when I started selling on eBay years ago. I studied what power sellers were doing, how they wrote their ads etc. Then, I would apply those things to my ads and within 1 year I was able to become an eBay Powerseller myself. So I am confident these same principles will also help me to have success in this new business endeavor.
      Mark thanks for your question, I am sure you will have great success in all your endeavors.
      Best regards,


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