An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing For The Beginner.

If you want to start your own online business, Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get started making money online. Anyone can start an Affiliate marketing business, young or old age is no limit.

So What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is basically a referral program. You get paid a commission by a company for referring their products to a customer who purchases the item.

We all do this every day already, but we don’t get paid for the referral. Think about it for one minute. We buy a product that we really like and we automatically tell our family or friends about how great it is. Then some people we recommended the product to, go out and buy the product. But we do not get a commission for that sale.

Affiliate Marketing lets us do what we are already doing when we recommend a product to someone. The difference is, that we get paid a commission, each time someone we recommended the product to buys that item. It is that simple. 

How Affiliate Marketing Works

A Few of the Benefits of Starting an Affiliate Marketing Business

  • Low Cost and Low Risk – There is a low start-up cost associated with building a website (purchasing a domain name and hosting the website). Your most valuable investment is in the time and commitment that you put into building your website. Writing high-quality content for your website is important in order to start generating traffic to your website. This takes hard work, commitment, and patience. This all amounts to little risk.  Because you are only out your time and a few hundred dollars if affiliate marketing is not for you.
  • The Most Lucrative Work From Home Business Opportunity for Beginners – It is the easiest way to generate passive income. You do not have to inventory products, process orders, deliver the product, collect payment or provide customer service. You just promote products that are already designed, produced, tested, and proven to produce results. These are products people are already looking for. All you need to do is sign up for the seller’s affiliate program, and paste their affiliate link on your website. As a result, you will start earning and keep earning from that moment onward. That is as long as people keep clicking the link and traffic gets routed to the seller’s site. 
  • You are able to work from the comfort of your own home. You can be your own boss, set your own goals, and choose what products you want to promote. Just think about it, you decide what hours you want to work and you can work from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t get any better than that.
  • There is an unlimited supply of buyers that you can have access to for free. As there are over 2 Billion people shopping online in the world. They are making over 40,000 searches on the internet every second of the day. That adds up to over 3.5 Billion searches being made every day. That adds up to millions of opportunities for your business to be found on the internet and by making your content SEO (Search Engine Optimize) your content is more likely to convert to sales than any other source of traffic. The United States alone spends close to 5 Billion dollars annually on affiliate marketing. Online shopping is the future of marketing. Today you can reach anyone in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with access to unlimited markets and products so the possibilities to earn income are limitless.
  • It is easy to start an Affiliate Marketing Business – The opportunity is there for anyone, young or old to build a successful Affiliate Marketing Business. No experience is needed to get started. In fact, you can learn as you earn and you will become good at it with time and practice. The income you make will vary depending on how much time you are willing to commit to building your website and business, writing quality content, and the traffic that is generated by your website. But anyone can have success. Click here to read an Affiliate Marketing Success Story
  • It is a fun and exciting business opportunity for anyone that wants to start their own business and work from home. Just think of the satisfaction you will be able to enjoy from reaping the rewards of starting your own Affiliate Marketing Business.

The 4 Basic Steps to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

What Next
  • Step 1 – Build an Affiliate Marketing Website.  You need a domain name and web hosting service. You can start with a free website which is okay while you are learning the ropes but in order to advance your business, you will want to have your own domain name and hosting. The platform that I used to learn how to build my Affiliate Marketing Home Business Website click here to set up a free website.
  • Step 2 – Decide on the right product (niche) to promote. Choose products or services that are relevant to your website and the customers that it attracts. You also want to join an affiliate network as the easiest way to find a product to promote. Amazon also would be a good place to start as they also have an affiliate program.  CHOOSING A NICHE.
  • Step 3 – When you create posts for your website, remember that what you write has to be seen by your reader as containing valuable information. When you write content to promote products or services on your website make sure that what you write is unique to you. Writing product reviews, product comparisons, and top 10 lists are some examples of content that people are searching for. These rank well in most search engines. The key is to make sure that the content you write is unique and has value as that is what will rank in the search engines. Including these will help with SEO and drive free traffic to your website. 
  • Step 4 -Next integrate your affiliate links into the content you produce. This step is the most important step to earning a commission as an affiliate marketer. When someone clicks on the affiliate link in the piece of content you wrote, they are directed to the merchant website and the product you are promoting. Your affiliate link is how the merchant tracks that the sale came from your referral link and then pays you the commission on that product. It is so important that your affiliate link is integrated properly within the content you write or you will not get credit for the purchase that is made by the customer. 

My Final Thought

I highly recommend Affiliate Marketing as my #1 Choice for a novice who wants to start making money on the internet.

There are almost no start-up costs, you don’t need to inventory products or deal with the hassle of customer service. You can be your own boss doing what you love. Working from home with the flexibility and convenience of deciding when and where you want to work. You can start it while still working at your current job. You can earn as much as you want, based on how much time and work you are willing to devote to building your business.

Once your website is set up and generating traffic from the content that you have written, you will keep earning an income from the content you have created on your website. The result of all your hard work and effort is you will be making a passive income to last a lifetime.

So decide for yourself if Affiliate Marketing is for you.

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