How Do You Compete With Other Affiliate Marketers?

How do you compete with other affiliate marketers? A little while ago I was asked this very question. It is a great question and one that I am sure everyone starting out might ask themselves. And if they are focused on this business as a competition that in itself might dishearten anyone from even giving this business a second thought.

Have I Ever Felt Like I Was Trying to Compete With Other Affiliate Marketers?

I have to say that I never really gave this question much thought before now. Maybe that is because I am not a competitive person. That does not mean that I don’t care if I have success, and I am not trying to be flippant when I answer this question. We should not have to feel that we are competing with anyone. This is because of the uniqueness of the affiliate marketing business and our own individual approach to building our websites. How I answered that question might seem strange and appear like I don’t care if I have success. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

 The truth is I don’t worry about trying to compete with established marketers. There are several reasons for my viewpoint on this question. Mainly because the only person I feel competitive with is myself. That is because of my drive to learn new things and achieve success in whatever I am trying to do. The challenge is to not let anything hold me back from achieving success.

4 Reasons Why I Don’t Try To Compete With Other Affiliate Marketers

1. The first reason is that we all have our own way of learning something, applying what we learn. In turn, we have our own way of explaining or teaching what we have learned. With that in mind when we are writing content for our website what we write and how we write it won’t appeal to everyone. But it will appeal to those that are similar to us in communication styles and learning styles. These are the ones that will relate to what we put in our articles and eventually be affected by what we write.

2. I don’t look at marketers that promote the get rich quick, look at what I have (fancy car and big house) as an example to follow, as I feel they do not represent this business in an honest, realistic manner and take advantage of people. 

With that being said the next reason I don’t worry about competing is I look at the more established marketers as models to follow. For example, I look at what they are writing about as these are obviously things that people are searching for answers to. So when you write an article, be writing articles that answer those same questions and make sure that what you write is unique to you.

Always run it through a plagiarism checker to make sure it is unique content before you submit the article. Google looks for that and those kinds of articles rank very well. I use the free tools found at SMALLSEOTOOLS.COM to check grammar, spelling, and plagiarism.

Answered the question in your own writing and learning style. There will be someone with a similar learning style to yours who relates to what you wrote. Concentrate on writing unique content addressing the same questions the more established marketers are answering. That way you will have unique content that resonates with someone that has a style similar to yours. Once your website starts generating traffic it will get ranked because it contains unique content of value.

3. When you visit websites try to learn from the website. Ask yourself what don’t you like about a website (is it easy to navigate, are pop-ups distracting). What do you like about the website? How do you feel good when you visit that website? Are you motivated to take action on their offer? There will be others that react the same way as you do. So try to build your website with that in mind as it will also eventually appeal to someone else.

4. For now, just keep trying to apply the wonderful training from Wealthy Affiliate. Try to maintain your determination to keep working hard on building your website every day.  You will need to be patient as anything worthwhile takes time and hard work. If you do these things I am confident that you will build a successful business.

I applied these same principles when I started selling on eBay years ago. I studied what eBay Powerseller’s were doing, how they wrote their ads etc. Then, I would apply those things to my eBay ads. Within 1 year I was able to become an eBay Powerseller myself. I have consistently applied these same things in my affiliate marketing business. So I am confident these same principles will also help you to have success in this new business endeavor.

5. Most importantly, I believe we make our own success with a lot of hard work and determination to stay focused on our plan for success. As long as you make sure to do something in line with your plan every day it is only a matter of time and you will have success.

Final Thoughts On How Do You Compete With Other Affiliate Marketers

I encourage everyone who is thinking about starting an affiliate marketing business to not look at it from the viewpoint of being in competition with other more established marketers but just focus on building it from the perspective of being unique from everyone else. As there will always be someone who will be interested in what you have to say.

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